【Event Report】NCCJ Club Evening - Cocktail Night @ Fuglen Asakusa


NCCJ Club Evening
Cocktail Night @ Fuglen Asakusa

Our third Club Evening of the year took place on March 20th at Fuglen Asakusa. The cafe had kindly prepared a special assortment of cocktails for the event, including their aquavit and umeshu-based cocktail called “Viking Samurai” that our ED Anette helped coin prior to the NJS-NCCJ Julefest Christmas Party last December.

With 16 participants from among others e-commerce, IT, consulting, medical equipment, seafood and the designer industry we could enjoy an interesting evening with lively talks in the at-home atmosphere at Fuglen.

A big thanks to Keiya-san and the rest of the Fuglen team for all the help with the event!

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