【Event Report】 NCCJ Autumn Shrimp Party 2018


On Thursday, October 18 over 50 people joined us at the Norwegian Embassy for the NCCJ’s annual Shrimp Party, one of our most popular social events.

This year the Shrimp Party was conducted later than usual due to our recent change in ED. Despite the cooler weather than at previous Shrimp Parties the embassy’s pool side yet again proved the perfect place to spend a casual evening with old and new friends and colleagues. Normally we have served shrimps with the shell on, and part of the fun was that participants had to remove the shell themselves, a very common thing for Norwegian shrimp parties. This year our provider had a last-minute delivery problem and could only bring us shell-less shrimp, but some participants pointed out that the lack of shell had made it easier to eat a lot of shrimp this year. Less sticky fingers might also have been a positive aspect of this year’s delivery challenge.

We would again like to thank NCCJ Members and friends for joining us this week, and hope to see you again at future events.