Articles of Association


Chapter 1 (General provisions)

(Updated on September 27, 2013)

Article 1 (Name and Location)

  1. The Association shall be known as the NORWEGIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN JAPAN and is hereinafter referred to as “NCCJ”.
  2. The registered place of business of the NCCJ shall be in Tokyo, Japan.

Article 2 (Objectives)

  1. The objective of the NCCJ is to promote the development of trade between Norway and Japan by supporting activities of Norwegian-related Companies in Japan.
  2. In order to achieve the objective, NCCJ shall
    1. Promote measures that benefit and protect Norwegian-Japanese interests in Japan.
    2. Represent and express various opinions of the business community of Norway in Japan regarding trade, commerce and finance and related matters.
    3. Provide, from time to time, to its Members, Japanese as well as Norwegian, information concerning commerce and related matters of interest.
    4. Associate and cooperate with other organizations – Norwegian, Japanese or other – sharing mutual interests.
    5. Promote friendship among Norwegians and others in Japan.
    6. Provide a base for information and contacts to Japanese companies and individuals interested in business with Norwegian companies or individuals.
    7. Provide a base for information and contacts to Norwegian companies and individuals interested in business with Japanese companies or individuals.

Article 3 (General Principles)

  1. The Chamber is a non-profit organization.
  2. The Chamber cannot act for the purpose of profit for any private person or other organization.
  3. The Chamber shall not be used for any political purposes.

Chapter 2 (Membership)

Article 4 (Types of Membership)

  1. There shall be the following categories of members:
    1. Corporate Members
    2. Individual Members
    3. Honorary Members
  2. Corporate Membership shall be open to all companies and organizations incorporated, registered or represented in Japan, or such other parties whose interest is considered as directly related to the interests of the Norwegian business community in Japan or Japanese business community in Norway.
  3. Individual Membership shall be open to individuals whose business profession conforms with the objectives of the NCCJ.
  4. The General Assembly may, on the recommendation of the Board of Directors, elect as Honorary Members persons who have made significant contributions to promote trade between Norway and Japan. An Honorary Member shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of Membership except that he/she shall not be qualify to be an officer or a Member of the Board of Directors or to vote at a General or Extraordinary General Assembly.
  5. Admission of Membership, whether Corporate, Individual or Honorary shall be at the absolute discretion of the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors’ decision as to an applicant’s qualification for Membership shall be final and conclusive.
  6. Only Corporate Members shall be entitled through their duly appointed representatives to vote at a General Assembly. Corporate Members may have one or more executives participating in all the NCCJ meetings. However, at a General or Extraordinary General Assembly, the Corporate Member shall have only one vote.
  7. Visiting business executives from Norway, or other countries doing business with Norway, may attend the General or Extraordinary General Assembly or any other events of NCCJ as visitors.

Article 5 (Election of Members)

  1. Application for election as a Member shall be made in such form as may be determined by the Board of Directors.
  2. All applications for Membership shall be scrutinized by the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors shall elect all applicants by a majority vote.
  3. Upon election, the name and address of the Member shall be entered in the Register of Members.
  4. The new Member elected shall also be furnished with a copy of these Rules and a request to remit to the NCCJ within one (1) month from the date of such request the amount of his first subscription. Upon payment of his first subscription, he shall become a Member of the NCCJ and be entitled to all the benefits and privileges of Membership and be bound by these Articles.
  5. If such subscription is not paid within one (1) month from the date of such request as aforesaid, the election of such candidate shall be void, unless he shall satisfy the Board of Directors that the delay in payment was due to sufficient causes.
  6. The Board of Directors shall have the right, by a majority vote, to terminate the membership of existing members if they shall fail to comply with the Articles of Association, or if they shall deliberately act contrary to the objective of the Chamber

Article 6 (Annual subscriptions)

  1. The annual subscriptions payable by all categories of Members shall be determined by the General Assembly.
  2. All annual subscriptions, except the first subscription of a new Member as provided by Article 5 (Election of Members) paragraph d, shall be payable during the month following the General Assembly, or as it may otherwise be decided from time to time by the Board of Directors.
  3. All annual subscriptions shall be paid to NCCJ. Cheques shall be made payable to the “Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Japan”.

Article 7 (Resignation)

A Member may at any time by giving notice to the Board of Directors resign its Membership, but shall continue to be liable for any subscription or other sum due and unpaid at the date of his resignation.

Chapter 3 (Management and Organization)

Article 8 (Board of Directors)

  1. The General Assembly shall elect a maximum of ten (10) members to the Board of Directors for a period of two years and cannot serve more than three consecutive periods. The members of the Board of Directors should represent member companies or be individual members. The Head of the Norwegian Trade Council is automatically a non-voting Member of the Board.
  2. The Board of Directors shall elect a President who should have Norwegian citizenship, for a period of two years and could be re-elected until the age of 65. The President is the official representative of the Chamber.
  3. The Board of Directors shall also elect a Vice President for a period of two years.
  4. The Vice President shall:
    (1) act as an alternate delegate to represent NCCJ on behalf of the President in case of his/her absence.
    (2) support the President to proceed with his/her activities effectively.
  5. Members of the Board of Directors should represent member companies or be individual members and they are elected for a period of two years and cannot serve more than three consecutive periods.
  6. Members of the Board should have lived in Japan for a minimum of one year.
  7. The Board of Directors shall meet at least four times every year and three (3) elected Members of the Board shall form a quorum.
  8. The Board of Directors may appoint non-voting Members of the Board by unanimous vote
  9. Resolutions of the Board of Directors shall be adopted by a majority vote. In the event of a tie the President shall have the deciding vote
  10. The Board of Directors shall:
    (1) appoint the Executive Director and other staff, if necessary
    (2) decide remuneration and other benefits of the Executive Director and other staff
    (3) authorize annual action plans and budgets proposed by the Executive Director
    (4) present annual report, including audited statement of account for the preceding year and budgets to the General Assembly,
    (5) decide on all questions related to classification and acceptance of membership,
    (6) execute decisions taken by the General Assembly
    (7) when deemed necessary, set up projects and committees for special tasks
    (8) shall call a General Assembly when deemed necessary.
    (9) seek advice and guidance from the Board of Trustees

Article 9 (Executive Director)

The Executive Director of the Chamber shall be responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Chamber and his/her tasks shall include essentially:

  1. to develop and execute annual activity plan and the budget
  2. to handle member recruitment
  3. to report to the Board of Directors

Article 10 (General Assembly)

  1. The annual, ordinary General Assembly shall be held once a year upon a date and at the time to be fixed by the Board of Directors for the following purpose:
    1. to decide the annual subscriptions payable by both Corporate and individual members;
    2. to receive from the Board of Directors a Report of Activities, a Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts for the financial year and a Budget for the next financial year;
    3. to elect Members of the Board of Directors every second year;
    4. to elect Board of Trustees every fifth year;
    5. to appoint independent auditors or an audit committee;
    6. to decide on any resolution which may be duly submitted to the meeting as hereinafter provided;
    7. to transact any other business.
  2. Besides the annual, ordinary General Assembly, extraordinary General Assemblies may be called upon whenever deemed necessary.
  3. Meetings of the Extraordinary General Assembly shall be called by the President of the NCCJ upon request by the Board of Trustees or the Board of Directors. Announcement of such meetings, including the agenda, shall be mailed to all voting members at least 14 days prior to the meeting.
  4. In any General or Extraordinary General Assembly, not less than 25 % of the members, shall constitute a quorum. If a quorum is not present in the meeting, it can be formed by the decision of the Board of Directors, by contacting the members. All resolutions, except resolutions regarding amendments to the Articles of Association (see Chapter 5), shall be adopted by at least a majority of the members at present.
  5. Minutes from the meeting shall be taken.

Article 11 (Board of Trustees)

  1. NCCJ shall have a Board of Trustees consisting of senior representatives of Japanese and Norwegian companies or individuals of good standing and long business relationship between Japan and Norway, jointly taking responsibility for the long-term development and stability of the Chamber.
  2. Members of the Board of Trustees shall be appointed for a period of five (5) years by the General Assembly. Members of the Board of Trustees may be re-elected.
  3. The Board of Trustees shall
    1. meet at least once a year and then receive a report from the President of the Chamber, who shall attend the meeting; every such meeting shall be chaired by one of the participants elected on the occasion of the meeting;
    2. act as advisor to the Board of Directors and the Executive Director;
    3. request an Extraordinary General Assembly, if deemed necessary.

Chapter 4 (Accounts)

Article 12 (Fiscal Year)

The fiscal year of the Chamber shall be from January 1 to December 31,

Article 13 (Audit)

Accounts shall be kept and at least once every calendar year be examined and certified by
independent auditors or an Audit Committee appointed by the General Assembly. The auditors shall audit the accounts of the Chamber at least seven (7) days before the General Assembly.

Article 14 (Auditors)

The General assembly appoints two Auditors for two years. The Auditors shall see that all the activities and decisions taken by the Chamber are within the framework of the Articles of Association and legally dealt with in a correct way. The Auditors shall also inspect and sign the consolidation of the fiscal account.

Chapter 5 (Amendments)

Article 15 (Amendments to the Articles of Association)

Any Member of the Chamber may propose amendments to these articles. The Board of Directors shall consider the proposals and present their recommendations to a general Assembly. Due notice of the proposed amendment(s) shall be sent with the notice of the meeting. Amendments shall be adopted upon approval by two thirds of the members at present and voting.

Article 16 (Interpretation of Articles of Association)

The Board of Directors shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of these Articles, and the decision of the Board upon any question of interpretation or upon any matter affecting the Chamber and not provided for by these Articles, shall be final and binding the Members, unless altered or reversed by a resolution by the General or Extraordinary General Assembly.

Chapter 6 (Dissolution)

Article 17 (Dissolution)

The dissolution of the Chamber shall be adopted upon approval by three quarters at present and voting in the Extraordinary General Assembly, convened solely for the said purpose.

In the event of the Chamber being dissolved, all debts and liabilities shall be fully discharged and the disposal of the remaining funds should be paid pro rata in relation to the membership fees paid by the Members.

If there is deficit of funds, all the Members shall pay pro rata in relation to their membership fees paid by the Members.

-End of Articles Of Association-

在日ノルウェー商工会議所 (Translation)
定 款

目 次

第1章 総則

第2章 会員

第3章 運営および組織

第4章 会計

第5章 定款の変更

第6章 解散

第1章 総 則


1 本商工会議所は、在日ノルウェー商工会議所(The NORWEGIAN CAMBER OF COMMERCE IN JAPAN)と称する。(以下「NCCJ」と呼ぶ。)

2 NCCJの本部事務所は、日本国東京都に置く。


1 NCCJは、日本におけるノルウェーに関連する事業を行う企業の活動を支援することにより、日本・ノルウェー間の通商関係を発展、推進することを目的とする。

2 その目的を達成するため、NCCJは次に掲げる事業を行う。

(1) 日本における日本・ノルウェー間の利益を増進、保護する活動を奨励すること。

(2) 貿易、通商、金融およびその他の関連事項に関する、在日ノルウェー産業界のさまざまな見解を提言、表明すること。

(3) 通商関係および関連する関心事項に関する情報を、ノルウェー人会員および日本人会員に対し随時提供すること。

(4) 共通の利害を持つノルウェー、日本、その他の企業と連携し協力すること。

(5) ノルウェー人と、その他の日本に在住する全ての人々との友好関係を奨励すること。

(6) ノルウェー企業およびノルウェーの個人事業主と取引関係の開設を望む日本企業や日本の個人事業主に、情報と連絡先を提供する。

(7) 日本企業および日本の個人事業主と取引関係の開設を望むノルウェー企業やノルウェーの個人事業主に、情報と連絡先を提供する。


1 NCCJは、営利目的の団体ではない。

2 NCCJ、特定の個人およびその他の団体の利益を目的として、その事業を行ってはならない。

3 NCCJをどのような政治のためにも利用してはならない。


第2章 会 員


1 会員には次のカテゴリーを設ける。

(1) 法人会員

(2) 個人会員

(3) 名誉会員

2 法人会員


3 個人会員

4 名誉会員

5 法人会員、個人会員および名誉会員の入会は理事会が判断し承認するものとし、入会申請者の会員資格に関しては理事会が最終的に決定する。

6 法人会員は、任命されたその代表者が総会で投票することができる。又、法人会員はNCCJの全ての会合に1人或いは複数の代表者の出席が認められるが、通常総会や臨時総会においては、議決権は1票とする。

7 ノルウェーおよびノルウェーと事業を行う国の会社重役は、NCCJの通常総会、臨時総会およびその他のイベントに、ゲストとして参加できるものとする。


1 加入の申請は、理事会が定めた形式で行なうものとする。

2 全ての加入申請は、理事会によって審査され、理事会の投票の過半数による採決で加入を承認されるものとする。

3 承認された会員候補の名前(又は社名)と住所は、会員名簿に登録されるものとする。

4 承認された会員候補は、本定款の写と初年度会費の請求書を受け取り、請求書の発行日から1ヶ月以内に初年度会費を納入しなければならない。会費の納入時点で会員となり、会員としての権利および特権を付与され、本定款を遵守する義務を負う。

5 上記の請求書に対し、規定の1ヶ月以内に会費を納入しない場合は、理事会に納入が遅れた正当な理由を報告し承認された場合を除き、会員候補として無効となるものとする。

6 理事会は、会員が本定款に定められた規定を順守しなかった場合、或いは故意にNCCJの目的に反する行動をとった場合、会員資格を抹消する権利を持つ。


1 会員種別ごとの年会費額は、総会で決定されるものとする。

2 第5条の4に規定された会員候補の初年度会費を除き、全ての会員は、年会費を総会の翌月、又はその時々に理事会が決定した納入期限までに納入するものとする。

3 すべての年会費は、NCCJに納入するものとする。小切手の場合は、「在日ノルウェー商工会議所」宛てに支払うものとする。




第3章 運営および組織


1 総会は、最大10名の理事を選出する。これらの理事の任期は2年間とし、連続3期以上在任することはできない。理事は、法人会員又は個人会員を代表する。ノルウェー大使館商務部の代表者は自動的に理事会の会員となるが、議決権は持たないものとする。

2 理事会は、会頭(ノルウェー国籍を持つ者が望ましい)を選出する。 会頭の任期は2年間とし、65歳までの再任が可能とする。会頭はNCCJの公式な代表者とする。

3 理事会は、副会頭を選出する。副会頭の任期は2年間とする。

4 副会頭の役割は以下のものとする。

(1) 会頭不在の場合、NCCJの代表代理として行動することとする。

(2) 副会頭は会頭の活動を効果的に推進するためのサポートをする。

5 理事会会員は、法人会員の代表者或いは個人会員でなければならない。任期は2年間とし、連続3期以上在任することはできない。

6 理事会会員は、最低1年以上日本に在住している者でなければならない。

7 理事会は、最低年4回会議を開催する。その際、最低3名の理事の出席をもって、決議に必要な定足数を満たすものとする。

8 理事会は、議決権を持たない理事会会員を、全会一致で任命することができる。

9 理事会の決議は多数決で可決される。可否同数の場合は、会頭の決するところによるものとする。

10 理事会は以下の活動を行なう。 (1) 適宜、専務理事およびその他の職員を任命する。

(1) 専務理事およびその他の職員の給与やその他給付を定める。

(2) 専務理事の提案する年度事業計画と事業予算を承認する。

(3) 総会に対し、前年度の会計監査報告および予算を含む年次報告を提出する。

(4) 会員の種別および入会に係わるすべての問題を決定する。

(5) 総会が採択した決定を執行する。

(6) 必要に応じて、プロジェクト又はプロジェクト担当特別委員会を設ける。

(7) 必要と判断したとき、総会を招集する。

(8) 評議員会に助言と指示を求める。




(1) 年度事業計画と事業予算の作成と執行

(2) 会員の募集

(3) 理事会に対する報告


1 年次通常総会は年1回開催されるものとし、その日時は、以下の目的のため理事会が決定する。

(1) 法人会員および個人会員の年会費額の決定

(2) 理事会が提出する前事業年度の年次報告、賃借対照表、会計報告および新年度予算の受理

(3) 理事の選出(2年毎)

(4) 評議員の選出(5年毎)

(5) 独立した外部監査人又は監査委員会の任命

(6) 以下に規定した会議に正式に提出された事項に対する決議

(7) その他の事項の処理

2 年次通常総会に加え、必要な場合には臨時総会を招集することができる。

3 臨時総会は、会頭が、評議員会又は理事会の請求に応じて招集する。総会開催の通知は、議題を付して、開催日の少なくとも14日前に、議決権を有する全ての会員に郵送されなければならない。

4 年次通常総会或いは臨時総会の定足数は、議決権を有する会員の25%とする。定足数に満たない場合は、理事会の決定により、会員と接触することによって定足数を満たしたものとみなす。定款の変更に関する決議(第5章参照)を除き、すべての決議は、会議に出席し決議に参加した会員の過半数によって採択される。

5 総会の議事については、議事録を作成しなければならない。


1 NCCJは、日本およびノルウェー企業の代表や、日本・ノルウェー間の商業関係において地位を確立し、長年に渡る経験を持つ個人で構成される評議会を置く。評議員は、NCCJの長期的な発展と安定した運営に共同責任を負う。

2 評議員は、総会が会員中から任命するものとし、任期は5年間とする。評議員は再任が可能である。

3 評議会は、以下の活動を行なう。

(1) 最低年に1度会合を開催し、同会合に出席する会頭からの報告を受ける。評議会の議事は、出席した会員から互選で選出された者が議長を務める。

(2) 理事会および専務理事に助言を行なう。

(3) 必要と判断したとき、臨時総会の招集を求める。

第4章 会 計







第5章 定款の変更





第6章 解 散