“We aim to become the most important organization in Japan for Norwegian/Japanese business professionals“
— The Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Japan


Our mission is to:

  1. “provide a professional and social environment for business people who wish to be introduced to, and become a part of, the Norway-Japan business and culture community.”
  2. “by providing relevant business networking opportunities and encouraging dialogue between members, seek to create a community of peers where actively participating individuals – enabled by the NCCJ – are inspired and supported by the larger community.”
  3. “strenghten the development of Norway-Japan trade by supporting activities of Norway related companies – network for business professionals – offer professional services – portal for Japanese businesses/professionals – be part of Team Norway in Japan.”


  1. To create a forum for social and professional networking for our members. Members regard this function as an excellent opportunity to increase their client base and share experiences among fellow members.
  2. To act as a channel between members and the Norwegian and Japanese authorities on particular topics of special interest to our members. We cooperate closely with the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Seafood Council.
  3. Provide a base for information and contacts to Japanese and Norwegian companies and individuals interested in business with Norwegian or Japanese companies or individuals.